Prints, Interior Design Line (ID) and Art Line (AL)


The I&I Series currently consists of over 100 images, and is expected to grow to 150 in the next year. The images, according to the author's choice, are divided into two lines, which meet different needs.

 All prints on paper, both from the ID and AL line, are made in London, and supplied with a numbered certificate, signed and with the author's logo, automatically printed in the London printing process.

The prints on plexiglass and mounting on aluminum/dibond are made at the Eliostile Laboratory in Rome, and are accompanied by a numbered certificate from the Potentephoto archive, under the author's personal care. The same images can be printed on paper, therefore for prints of the Art line there are two separate archives, but both with the same number limitations.


1- Interior Design (ID)


Limited Edition Prints 1-100 - Sold unassembled, shipped in hard tube

a- C-print method Lambda* with Laser light, on Fuji Matt silver paper, 231 g. -----duration 40-80 years

b- Gyclèe method* * with 2880x1440 DPI inkjet printers, on semi-gloss Epson paper, 215 g. -----duration 80-120 years


120x80 : a = 150 € -  b= 198 €

150x100: a= 210€ - b = 297 €

180x12: a= 259€; b= 348 €



2 - Art Line (AL)

Limited Edition 1-3 plus P.d.A. on paper, 1-3 more AP on plexiglass available for each chosen image. Dimensions of 120x80 cm are available for both.


a- Gyclèe method* * with 2880x1440 DPI inkjet printers, on Hahnemuhle Pearl paper, 285 g., duration 100-200 years. Price = €1800.

c- plexallu method on 3 mm plexiglass mounted on aluminium/dibond and supplied with a frame for wall suspension: the ink directly impregnates the plexiglass, there is no paper, unlike other procedures in which the plexiglass acts as a support paper, where the impregnation takes place. Price = €1200.

Price: limit. ed. 1-3 + pda= 1200 €

Price: limit. ed. 1- 3 + pda= 1900 €