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Prints, Interior Design Line (ID) and Art Line (AL)

All images visible on this website can be printed on demand.

The editions and cost vary for B&W and color images.

 B&W prints are made on on Hahnemuhle Rag paper, 100% cotton base with a smooth white surface finish with a bright white point. It features a basis weight of 305 gsm, a thickness of 18.9 mil, a whiteness of 94%, and opacity of 99%, and is both instant drying and water resistant: duration 100-200 years, by Gyclèe method* * with 2880x1440 DPI inkjet printers.

The cost  is € 199/square meter,  excluding shipping.

 Color  prints on paper, are made in London, or in Rome .

Limited editions  are supplied with a numbered certificate, signed and with the author's logo.

Prices don't include shipping and VAT.

 Sold unassembled, shipped in hard tubes.

 C-print method Lambda* with Laser light, on Fuji Matt silver paper, 231 g. -----duration 40-80 years.

  Gyclèe method* * with 2880x1440 DPI inkjet printers, on semi-gloss Epson paper, 215 g., duration 80-120 years


C-print: € 83 / square meter - 

Gyclèe : € 143 / square meter

Price: 299 € only print

Print 180 Hanemuhn Rag copia.jpg

Price:   1099 € mounted

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