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The Tuscan Autumn  Iced Ikebana of Wildflowers #13 is a stunning photographic artwork that captures the beauty of nature amidst the changing seasons. Measuring 1800 mm. on the longer side, this piece features a vibrant display of wildflowers that are arranged in a Ikebana style, evoking a sense of harmony and balance. However, this artwork also carries a vital meaning, highlighting the impact of global warming on our environment. Its rich hues and intricate details will surely captivate any art enthusiast who values the significance of nature and its preservation.


3619-Tuscan Autumn Iced kebana of Wildflowers # 13: 1800 x 1200 mm.

  • The Ice & Ikebana project - - the full title is: "Icing and thawing wild Ikebanas", "Freezing and thawing Ikebana of wildflowers" - - over 70 images made so far, was conceived in the drought spring of 2022, and is "in progress ”: It is a poetic research on wildflowers or spontaneous  flowers --  even in the asphalt and concrete of towns - - frozen and thawed, after being collected, selected and arranged by me on the inspiration of the Japanese art of Ikebana. This work finalist - - already in its first steps - - in the prestigious Tokyo International Foto Awards of 2022, aims to be, in addition to a celebration of the poignant beauty of wild flowers, first and foremost a cry of pain for the collapse of glaciers  correlated with global warming on Planet Earth. Alongside this shared suffering, in my sensitivity the project is also a reminder of the human paradox, freezing and thawing like building and destroying. The English title also alludes to human self-centeredness: I & I come io & ice. Finally, resilient flowers are a possible symbol of the "Sapiens" who will be able to survive and proliferate despite the "global warming".



  • The image is from my Series I&I : Ice & Ikebana, created to celebrate the poetry and resilience of spontaneous flowers, also a symbol of the Human Beings, survived to climate changes for thousand years.

    Any print comes certified, numbered and signed with logo.

    Print on Archive quality paper*. It's a dependable way to capture your memories in a lasting form. With an archival life estimated at about 40-80 years, you can trust your prints to stay vibrant and free from fading or discoloration.

    Printer: Chromira ProLab and RA4 machines, allowing ultra-fine imaging and optimal colour reproduction across the spectrum. Continous tone CMYK colour model. 425 PPI (relative 1500 DPI). File resolution 300 DPI.

    * Paper: Fuji Matt Crystal semi-gloss 231 g/sq.m.smooth



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