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The 5797-Tuscan Spring Iced Ikebana # 31 is a stunning photographic artwork that captures the beauty of nature in all its glory. With a size from  900 to 1800 mm, this piece is sure to make a bold statement in any room. What sets this artwork apart is its vital meaning - it serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address global warming and its impact on our planet. The wildflowers depicted in the piece are a reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and the urgent need for action. This artwork is a must-have for anyone who cares about our planet and wants to make a difference.

5797- Tuscan Spring Iced Ikebana # 31

  • The image is from my Series I&I : Ice & Ikebana, created to celebrate the poetry and resilience of spontaneous flowers, also a symbol of the Human Beings, survived to climate changes for thousand years.

    Any print comes certified, numbered and signed with logo.

    Print on Archive quality paper*. It's a dependable way to capture your memories in a lasting form. With an archival life estimated at about 40-80 years, you can trust your prints to stay vibrant and free from fading or discoloration.

    Printer: Chromira ProLab and RA4 machines, allowing ultra-fine imaging and optimal colour reproduction across the spectrum. Continous tone CMYK colour model. 425 PPI (relative 1500 DPI). File resolution 300 DPI.

    * Paper: Fuji Matt Crystal semi-gloss 231 g/sq.m.smooth




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