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My cultural passions since childhood have been writing, listening to music and cinema; drawing and painting were occasional interests, which I have not cultivated. The circumstances of life, associated with my reflective personality, with discrete reactivity, led me to choose photography as the means of choice to express my observations and my imagination. Photography, in adulthood, was the medium that fascinated me most, and never even sometimes paved the way to bring other human beings closer.

The themes that most stimulated me were those of the Comedie Humaine, and the search for poetry in the images of common life. The photographs that I see closest to my “humanistic” photographic activity are Joel Meyerowitz and Harry Gruyaert.

In recent months, reflection on the events and paradoxes of humanity have taken precedence over the exploration of human activities. The great themes to which I want to dedicate my creative imagination are both the crucial ones of global warming, and those that have always been common to all of humanity, such as love, oppression, power, aging, the elegant strength of youth. To talk about these themes in images, I have recently  instinctively chosen, other forms of life, which I have revisited with poetic intent, as in the Ice & Ikebana project, and other  projects.

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